Africa is a beautiful continent with natural beauty, scenic views, and mouthwatering cuisines. To experience Africa’s true beauty, one must Places to visit in Morocco at least once in one life. It is the perfect morocco vacation hotspot to calm your nerves and provide the much-needed break you require. Hence, pack your bags and find the Best time to travel to Morocco from the USA to experience fine living. Morocco – the heart of Africa, is a place you will never forget. There’s something for everyone when you visit Morocco.

Things to keep in mind 

However, there are a couple of things that you need to bear in mind before you make this journey. Firstly, you need to ensure that all travel documents are valid. Secondly, you need to ensure that you have a reliable tour guide. S & J Tours offers guided tours to turn this dream into reality like no other. As a result, you get the best traveling experience of your life.


But why choose S & J Tours?

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Experience the true beauty of Morocco

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When you plan to take a vacation, you must ensure many things. From packing appropriate clothing to finding comfortable accommodation, everything needs your attention. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the country you’re visiting is safe and secure for tourists. Yet, many people need to learn about the country they are visiting. Hence, this blog post will help you get all the essential information about the best travel time to Morocco. Whether you are a solo traveler or a family of four, this blog will allow you to plan your vacation intelligently. However, you should get professional help when traveling to Morocco. Hence, it would be best if you tried S & J Tours. S & J Tours makes US citizens’ travel to Morocco from New York easy and straightforward.

Why should you travel to Morocco?

Before we discuss the benefits of hiring S & J Tours as your Morocco tours travel partner, let’s first discover the beauty of Morocco. Morocco is a North African country that is home to many ethnic groups. Moreover, Morocco has the perfect blend of modernity and history. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean and offers a dreamy escape to tourists globally. As a result, you will find Arabic, Berber, and European influences throughout Morocco. Famous cities include Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, and many more. To top it off, Morocco is also safer for tourists now. As a result, the tourism industry of morocco is booming, and each year thousands of tourists visit this gorgeous country.

Why choose S & J Tours for traveling to Morocco?

S & J Tours offers customizable, guided Morocco tour operators. Moreover, they help you have a unique experience by tailoring the entire tour to your needs. Additionally, US citizen travel to Morocco from New York becomes easier when you choose S & J Tours. Therefore, choose S & J Tours if you travel to Morocco. Once you choose S & J Tours, you don’t want to go elsewhere!

Traveling to a foreign country is an exciting experience. However, this experience is only appreciated and enjoyed when you sort out the details. Like traveling to any other country, the Best time to travel to Morocco also requires diligent planning. Moreover, you can make this experience unforgettable by using the best Morocco tour packages from New York, USA. However this might seem easy on paper, but its implementation can be tricky. Hence, get in touch with S & J Tours. S & J tours can help you plan an unforgettable vacation to Morocco from New York, USA. Additionally, they offer customizable packages for people of all ages and groups.

Why should you visit Morocco?

There are many reasons to visit Morocco. Morocco is a country with pleasing sights and friendly locals. Moreover, it’s one of the safest African countries to visit. Furthermore, Morocco offers a beautiful escape from the busyness of everyday life. Hence, it’s the perfect spot for tourists who want to experience a foreign culture. Imagine taking a stroll on the beaches of Casablanca or exploring the Sahara desert while riding a camel. Additionally, you can explore the delicious cuisine and the delightful bazaars of different Moroccan cities. 

Things to consider when planning a vacation in Morocco

If you wish to travel to Morocco alone, you should bear these things in mind. Please note that you can make your trips comfortable and enjoyable by connecting with S & J Tours.

Without any ado, here are the factors that you need to consider before traveling to Morocco:

Flights – Everyone wants to get cheap flights. Luckily, there are many flight options for American citizens. Additionally, you can reduce your flight costs if you first travel to Europe and then book a flight to Morocco.

Accommodation – This aspect is crucial as it sets the tone for the entire vacation. Morocco has countless hotels for tourists. Moreover, you can stay in a Riad. A riad is a Moroccan-style multi-level building with lush gardens.

Food and drink – When traveling to a foreign country, you should stick to familiar flavors and ingredients. Moreover, you should drink tap water in Morocco and always choose bottled water.

Local transportation – You can travel within Morocco via local buses or trains. However, trains are more comfortable than buses. Hence, they are a better choice for tourists.

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Have you been planning a Morocco family vacation for yourself and yours? Have you decided on your Morocco travel agency destination? If you haven’t, then visit Morocco. Morocco is the best place to see if you plan to explore the sophistication and luxuries of Africa. This magical travel destination is a haven for tourists who wish to immerse themselves in a rich and diverse culture. Over the years, Morocco has changed considerably. However, this passage of time is well-documented through multiple archeological and recreational sites. You will find Andalusian, Berber, Arabic, French, Mediterranean, and Moorish influences add so much charm to the picturesque beauty of Morocco. Unfortunately, not all tour guides offer the same value. Therefore, you need to get in touch with S & J Tours. S & J Tours provides the best tours to Morocco from New York, USA, without exhausting your budget. 

Why should you visit Morocco?

Apart from the diverse culture and the warm, friendly locals, Morocco has many hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Each city of Morocco has its unique charm that leaves tourists spellbound. Some major tourist attractions in Morocco include the cities of Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira, and Tangier, and exploring the Morocco Sahara Desert package. Apart from the gorgeous city, landscapes, and lush dunes, you can enjoy delicious cuisines. From traditional Moroccan dishes like Chicken Tagine to French pastries and coffees, your taste buds will have a flavorful blast in Morocco. In addition, it’s not just the cultural aspect of Morocco but also the modernism that will win your heart.

Ready to visit Morocco yet?

Book the best tours to Morocco from New York, USA, with S&J Tours and sit back, relax, and unwind as they take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Owing to this, S & J Tours offers private, guided tours for solo travelers, couples, and groups. They customize each time per your preferences and budget so that you can experience the fun. So book your Morocco tours with S & J tours today!



Traveling to an unknown foreign country for the first time can be a little intimidating, especially when you don’t speak the language or are well aware of the customs or traditions. In such a case, you would require a proper tour or a travel agency to make your Morocco vacation memorable. There are so many travel destinations that you should visit. But you should always explore the least visited tourism spots. One such less-traveled tourist destination is Morocco.

To best time travel to Morocco from the USA, specifically New York, you must contact a Moroccan travel agency in New York, USA. A trusted and reliable travel agency like S & J Tours will allow you to plan your Morocco honeymoon vacation quickly and comfortably.

Visit the best places in Morocco

When we talk about Morocco, we can’t ignore how this stunning North African country is home to many cultures and diverse ethnic groups. In addition, Moroccans are some of the most hospitable people on earth. Friendly locals and mind-blowing sights, what more can a person want? There are countless activities and places in Morocco that will win your heart. Some of these activities are as follows:

Explore the different Medinas – Medinas are the city center. These are the bustling cityscapes where all the action happens. The Medinas of Moroccan cities are well-maintained and the perfect getaways to shop for souvenirs and buy products like the locals.

Go on a Saharan desert safari – The Morocco Sahara Desert package is also part of Morocco Desert tour. This makes Morocco the ideal country for a desert expedition on a camel.

Enjoy the tasty dishes – The food of Morocco is just as excellent as the sights and activities that this country has to offer. From Shakshuka to Moroccan mint tea, try all the yumminess.

Pack your bags and head to Morocco

Since Morocco is the ideal travel destination for people of all ages, you must pack your bags and visit this wonderful multicultural country. Contact trusted Morocco tour operators in New York, USA. This will allow you to have a trip you will cherish forever.


Morocco could have been tailor-made for passionate travelers. Instead, it offers the spice and adventure visitors look for. The spectacular landscape features waterfalls, stunning caves in hills covered with forests, breezy coasts, and one of the largest Morocco Desert tours.

Moroccans are famous for their unwavering hospitality, strong values, and ethnic traditions. Moreover, the Kingdom of Morocco also ensures it is a safe place for American Jewish travelers. Throughout the region, there are numerous Jewish sites. The main zones are Marrakesh and Fes. 

S & J provides thrilling and informative tours with guide plans for visitors from New York. So let us dive deeper into Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour.

Telouet – Tichka Pass Mountain Region

Shattered throughout this region, Jewish pilgrims visit Jewish shrines and cemeteries annually. Furthermore, the Jewish Zaouia of Telouet is near Marrakesh. 

Moulay Ighi – Telouet

Muslims and Jews pay for the tomb of Moulay Ighi pilgrimage. It is on the road to Ouarzazate, on a hilltop encircled by the Atlas Mountains. Muslims and Jews from the country would unite and move on foot to visit Rabbis’ tombs and pray for their intervention in their daily lives. Also, there is a modern synagogue, and guesthouses are available for pilgrims who wish to stay.

Ourigane – Rabbi Mordekhai & Rabbi Abraham Ben Hammou

A dirty old road leads to the compounds of ancient buildings, its territory marked with a gate, and on rocky terrain. There are three tombs inside, one with a burial spot of Rabbi Haim Ben Diwan and the other two making it apparent that they were his disciples. 


Fes was home to a large Morocco Jewish package community with a famous Jewish synagogue- Ibne Danan. An American Express and World Monuments Fund partnership helped restore the monument. Apart from where Rabbis are buried in Jewish cemeteries, the Moroccan women consider the ‘Tomb Solika’ a sacred site. 

The Morocco Jewish holidays Tour will take you to the most important sights of Morocco’s history as a place of refuge for Jews fleeing persecution in Europe. 

Epic and magnificent landscapes cover the exciting places to visit in Morocco. The architecture and culture, exquisite fabrics and rugs embroidered with delicate Arab patterns, the music festivals, and the languages are bound to fascinate every next visitor. 

Here, we have listed some places to Visit in Morocco and New York.


Take a walk in the narrow streets and admire the art and decorative items on display at each quaint stall; we are sure it immerses tourists in a cultural whirlwind. But, unfortunately, circuses are no match to the street theatre set in the main square, featuring acrobats and wild snake charmers. 

At sunset, many restaurant stalls gather to start the fierce grilling competition, and locals unite for a memorable dinner. After dinner, traditional music jam sessions come through. The music in Marrakesh is a sensational blend of Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Sub-Saharan. Marrakesh knows how to up a good show! 

Draa Valley 

Rustling date palm trees, ancient mud-brick castles, and fortifications carpet this admirable valley. These routes, which once let the transport of gold-laden caravans, now welcome guests who wish to spend a night there. You owe a visit to the Draa Valley for the bread and dates served for breakfast and the mental state of calmness. 

Ait Ben Haddou  

Ait Ben Haddou is a gold-stoned fortified village that emerges from a fairy tale and wows all who visit. Hollywood film directors describe it as their favorite location for filming because of the dreamlike amber and orange-hued turrets. Visitors have been facilitated to spend the night within the fort, but with no electricity. 

Rif Mountains

The Rif Mountains retain lush green and extraordinary relief features. Bikers, hikers, and trekkers make use of the trails within the terrain, and as they move along, the scenery gives new energy and peace to witness this spectacular getaway from your busy life. 

Morocco comprises of dazzling variety: warm hospitality, ancient monuments and architecture, captivating mountain ranges, beaches, and marvelous cuisine. With such diversity, you must not hesitate to schedule a tour of this land with S & J Tours. The experts here know the Best Time to Travel to Morocco and New York. 

If you have planned a trip to Morocco, you must visit the decorative art stalls featuring carpets and fabrics embroidered with African motifs, something you might want to bring back as souvenirs. 

Here’s the only guide you need for the best time to travel to Morocco, New York

Relaxing Explorations from September to November

The Morocco Sahara Desert package is a must-visit tourist spot at this time of the year because it prevents tourists from the scorching heat and the night-time temperatures that go down within seconds. The morocco desert tour is pleasant with the scent of dates and gentle winds. However, you must expect sandstorms in the desert. You must pack safety gear and extra layers to help you keep warm throughout the night. 

Visit the Southern Coast and Beaches in August

Water temperatures often hit 25° C this month, which is ideal for swimming, enjoying grilled seafood, and socializing. The beaches are breezy and busy with domestic and international tourists. If you wish to avoid crowds, the Atlantic beaches in the south are just for you. 

Go For a Trek in the Mountains in May

The spring season is when tourists avoid visiting this country due to rising temperatures and hotel prices dropping sharply. However, the average temperature is 28°; balmy evenings and cooler nights, along with the picturesque landscape, make the hike worthwhile.