Moroccan cuisine is varied and draws from its rich cultural background. Flavours from Arabic, Berber, Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisines are found in dishes.

The fruits and vegetables are locally grown and the meats, such as mutton, lamb, beef and chicken come from the Atlas Mountains. A coastline on both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean provide varied and ample seafood.

Morocco is well known for its tagines which can be made from chicken it’s a type of moroccan food, beef, lamb or fish plus an assortment of vegetables. The tagine is simmered over the fire in an earthenware pot and then taken directly from the fire to the table when cooked.

Another popular dish is couscous which is made from a locally grown grain and often mixed with chickpeas and vegetables.

Pastilla, another delicacy, is made from chicken, almonds, and eggs and baked in a thin pastry crust.

Many fragrant spices used in cooking, such as cinnamon, cumin, turmeric and pepper, are locally grown. Lemons from Fez and olives from Meknes are often used as a flavouring. Olive oil, produced in abundance in Morocco, is used for cooking.


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