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travel agencies in brooklyn new york

The only thing more varied than Morocco’s scenery, ranging from desert plains to dry mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks, is its culture and people. Explore all of this with one of the best travel agencies in Brooklyn, New York, and S & J Tours.

Morocco is one of the Crossroads of the World and the gateway to Africa.  Over the centuries, it has had an influx of people from many cultures and continents.  As a result, it has a rich culture and diverse heritage.  No matter where you go, well-traveled roadways will lead to magnificent architectural and historical monuments. Morocco is famous for its city medinas and natural terrain, Which is unique to Morocco.

Morocco is also known for their cuisine.  It is a blend of Arab, Berber, Andalusi and Mediterranean cuisines with a touch of French and sub-Saharan influences.  Spices, such as cumin and turmeric, are used extensively and ingredients, such as olives, mint, and saffron, are locally grown.

A private tour to Morocco is a must if you are:

  • A traveler who must see everything
  • An adventure-seeker
  • Or someone who is looking to immerse themselves in the local culture.

S & J Tours is one of the best travel agencies in Brooklyn, New York, and, with their expertise, will provide you with a great experience of Morocco.  S&J Tours would like to plan a trip for you to this vibrant country.  They will meticulously plan an itinerary and lead you through stunning villages, Berber communities, Saharan sands, exquisite shorelines, and rugged mountain ranges. Whether for a day, several days, or several weeks, they would be happy to provide you with an insightful tour of the Kingdom of Morocco.


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