Moroccan Pastries

This blog will focus on  Moroccan pastry.  Traditional pastries come from all corners of the country.

Each one of the pastries are handcrafted with quality products such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, rose water and orange blossom.  There are subtle flavors with each bite..

Examples of Moroccan Pastries

Chebakia (on right side of picture and large Briwattes on left side)

Chebakia are made from wheat flour.  First, it is fried in oil and then covered with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It is found everywhere in Morocco.

If you visit Morocco during  Ramadan (The fasting period of the year) you will notice that each Moroccan house will carry a variety of this kind of pastry.  Chebakia along with a plate of dates and Harira soup, is a good way to break the fast.

Sweet fekkas with almonds and anise

Sweet fekkas is a crunchy biscuit with a sandy texture and is made with almonds, sesame seeds and anise.

The “Fekkas” in Moroccan pastry means a precooked biscuit, cut into thin slices and grilled in the oven.


Briwattes are a  classic Moroccan pastry.

“Briwatte” in Moroccan Arabic means “little envelope”.  These are almonds delicately scented with orange blossom, covered with a very fine sheet of pastilla sprinkled with hot honey and orange blossom after cooking. The briwattes can be of different shapes: triangular, rectangular or in the form of cigars.

Almonds Ghriba (located at bottom right and left)

Almond Ghriba are soft and fluffy macaroons made from almonds and lemon zest.

It is said that the ghriba is the ancestor of the French almond macaroon. Lightly scented by lemon zest, its texture is very soft and is finely cracked under its coat of icing sugar.

It is one of the classics of Moroccan pastry. With the gazelle horn and the honey briwatte, these pastries form a trio that can always be found on traditional party tables.

Butter Ghriba  (white pastries at bottom)

Often compared to Spanish montécao, the butter ghriba is an ideal accompaniment with coffee.  Made with  butter, it has a delicious aroma and melts when tasted.

Classic gazelle horn also known as kaab ghezal   (located in middle by almonds)

This traditional pastry was created from a mix of spices, roasted almonds and the natural essence of orange blossom.