It’s hard to imagine but not so long ago it was uncommon for people in Morocco to not have their own shower or bath in their homes.  This problem was solved by providing public bathing spaces, known as hammams, for the whole family.

The traditional type of hammam is found in neighborhoods everywhere.  This type of hammam is always affordable but the price can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. 

There are also luxury hammams in major cities which resemble the Turkish Hammams and represent a step up from the traditional type. This type of hammam is more ornate and offers massage as well.  It is also more expensive.

Hammans are divided into 2 sections – one for women and one for men.  Patrons will first enter the steam room where they start the process of exfoliation and begin to feel rejuvenated.  They will then proceed to an adjacent room where they will be scrubbed with a black soap, known as Savon Beldi, and a strong brush, known as a Keess.

After this scrubbing part which is the main and most important part of the hammam, patrons are left on their own to soap up and rinse off, wash hair, shave… pretty much whatever they want to do in the bath. When they are done, they gather everything up and make their way back to the changing room to get dressed.  The whole process takes about one hour and with a massage, about 2 hours.  

The Moroccan Hammam is unique and can be a great way of experiencing local culture.  Patrons will also never feel as clean as they do after the hammam. 

What you’ll need to bring;

  • A full change of clothing
  • Savon beldi (a blackish looking soap made with olive oil)
  • Keess 
  • Regular soap and shampoo


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