Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

CASABLANCA has had many changes of rule. It was founded by the Berbers in the 10th century BC and subsequently has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Merenids.

In more modern times, both the Portuguese and the French have controlled the city and both left their influence on it.

During the period of the French protectorate, the Ville Nouveau (New City) was built. Morocco gained its independence from France in 1956.

Today Casablanca is the most modern and progressive city in Morocco and boasts of one of the world’s largest artificial ports.

A city of 4 Million; It is a city of extremes in terms of wealth and opportunity.

Not to be missed here is the Hassan II Mosque.

It is the largest mosque in Morocco as well as in Africa and is the 7th largest in the world. The minaret is the worlds tallest at 690 feet (60 stories high).

The mosque stands on a promontory and was built partially on land and partially over the ocean.

Other destinations not to be missed (and included on a tour of the city) are the Old City and its winding alleyways, the beachfront known as Corniche and Rick’s Cafe.