Marrakesh is known as the ‘Red City’ or ‘Ochre City.’ Much of its color comes from local red sandstone used in building construction. Although flat, it is located close to the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and a gorgeous view of the mountains can be seen from the South.

Fes, one of the four Imperial Cities, is known as the spiritual and intellectual center of Morocco, plus a center for handicraft arts. The Old City of Fes, known as the Fes Medina or Fes el Bali, is the best preserved Old City in the Arab world. It was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Chefchaouen is a gorgeous mountain city in the Rif Mountains, located inland and to the east of Tangier. It was originally built as a fortress to protect the area from Portuguese invaders and greatly expanded with waves of Moriscos and Jews arriving during the Spanish Reconquista. It was under Spanish rule in 1956 when Morocco

Ouarzazate, although a small city by Moroccan standards, is the largest city with the most charm in Saharan Morocco. Its name comes from a Berber phrase meaning ‘without noise’ or ‘without confusion’. It was a crossing point for African traders heading towards the north of Morocco for many centuries. During the French period, it expanded

Located east of Marrakesh near the small Berber village of Tanaghmeilt in the High Atlas Mountains, is one of Morocco’s most glorious waterfalls, the Cascade d’Ouzoud. Ouzoud means ‘the act of grinding grain’ in Berber. This name is confirmed by the numerous grain mills found in the region. At the bottom of the falls

Moulay Idriss is located close to Volubilis and is considered to be the holiest city in Morocco. The founder, Moulay Idriss, arrived here in 789 bringing with him the religion of Islam and the start of a new royal dynasty. In addition to founding the city named after him, he also initiated construction of Fes.The tomb of his son is located in the Old Town of Fes.

Essaouira is an ancient city in Morocco with a population which is about 90% Berber. Most residents speak both Arabic and Berber. It is known for its beaches and excellent windsurfing as well as its numerous blue fishing boats and seaside restaurants serving freshly caught fish. It has a picturesque medina (old town) which is

CASABLANCA has had many changes of rule. It was founded by the Berbers in the 10th century BC and subsequently has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Merenids. In more modern times, both the Portuguese and the French have controlled the city and both left their influence on it. During the period of the