Essaouira is an ancient city in Morocco with a population which is about 90% Berber.

Most residents speak both Arabic and Berber. It is known for its beaches and excellent windsurfing as well as its numerous blue fishing boats and seaside restaurants serving freshly caught fish.

It has a picturesque medina (old town) which is now a World Heritage Site. The old town is surrounded by seawalls which were constructed for fortification and have the original canons still in place.

It was a home to hippies in the l960’s and both Jimmie Hendrix and Cat Stevens spent some time here.

Orson Welles filmed part of his movie ‘Othello’ in the old town and there is a square west of the medina named for him.

Essaouira has a number of historical attractions, including the Simon Attias Synagogue built in 1882, the Galeries Frederic Damgaard and Ben Youssef Mosque.