The Places to Visit In Morocco New York

Epic and magnificent landscapes cover the exciting places to visit in Morocco. The architecture and culture, exquisite fabrics and rugs embroidered with delicate Arab patterns, the music festivals, and the languages are bound to fascinate every next . 

Here, we have listed some places to Visit in Morocco and New York.


Take a walk in the narrow streets and admire the art and decorative items on display at each quaint stall; we are sure it immerses tourists in a cultural whirlwind. But, unfortunately, circuses are no match to the street theatre set in the main square, featuring acrobats and wild snake charmers. 

At sunset, many restaurant stalls gather to start the fierce grilling competition, and locals unite for a memorable dinner. After dinner, traditional music jam sessions come through. The music in Marrakesh is a sensational blend of Spanish, Middle Eastern, and Sub-Saharan. Marrakesh knows how to up a good show! 

Draa Valley 

Rustling date palm trees, ancient mud-brick castles, and fortifications carpet this admirable valley. These routes, which once let the transport of gold-laden caravans, now welcome guests who wish to spend a night there. You owe a visit to the Draa Valley for the bread and dates served for breakfast and the mental state of calmness. 

Ait Ben Haddou  

Ait Ben Haddou is a gold-stoned fortified village that emerges from a fairy tale and wows all who visit. Hollywood film directors describe it as their favorite location for filming because of the dreamlike amber and orange-hued turrets. Visitors have been facilitated to spend the night within the fort, but with no electricity. 

Rif Mountains

The Rif Mountains retain lush green and extraordinary relief features. Bikers, hikers, and trekkers make use of the trails within the terrain, and as they move along, the scenery gives new energy and peace to witness this spectacular getaway from your busy life. 


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