Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour: A Dive Into the Dazzling Culture
Morocco Jewish Heritage tour New York

Morocco could have been tailor-made for passionate travelers. Instead, it offers the spice and adventure visitors look for. The spectacular landscape features waterfalls, stunning caves in hills covered with forests, breezy coasts, and one of the largest Morocco Desert tours.

Moroccans are famous for their unwavering hospitality, strong values, and ethnic traditions. Moreover, the Kingdom of Morocco also ensures it is a safe place for American Jewish travelers. Throughout the region, there are numerous Jewish sites. The main zones are Marrakesh and Fes. 

S & J provides thrilling and informative tours with guide plans for visitors from New York. So let us dive deeper into Morocco Jewish Heritage Tour.

Telouet – Tichka Pass Mountain Region

Shattered throughout this region, Jewish pilgrims visit Jewish shrines and cemeteries annually. Furthermore, the Jewish Zaouia of Telouet is near Marrakesh. 

Moulay Ighi – Telouet

Muslims and Jews pay for the tomb of Moulay Ighi pilgrimage. It is on the road to Ouarzazate, on a hilltop encircled by the Atlas Mountains. Muslims and Jews from the country would unite and move on foot to visit Rabbis’ tombs and pray for their intervention in their daily lives. Also, there is a modern synagogue, and guesthouses are available for pilgrims who wish to stay.

Ourigane – Rabbi Mordekhai & Rabbi Abrahm Ben Hammou

A dirty old road leads to the compounds of ancient buildings, its territory marked with a gate, and on rocky terrain. There are three tombs inside, one with a burial spot of Rabbi Haim Ben Diwan and the other two making it apparent that they were his disciples. 


Fes was home to a large Morocco Jewish package community with a famous Jewish synagogue- Ibne Danan. An American Express and World Monuments Fund partnership helped restore the monument. Apart from where Rabbis are buried in Jewish cemeteries, the Moroccan women consider the ‘Tomb Solika’ a sacred site. 

The Morocco Jewish holidays Tour will take you to the most important sights of Morocco’s history as a place of refuge for Jews fleeing persecution in Europe. 


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